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[May. 17th, 2006|04:53 pm]
for those that didn't get the memo previously:

It's coming to the point in my stay in China where, well, I'm getting ready to leave. But then it came to my attention that maybe, just maybe, some of you might want souvenirs. Or bootleg DVDs. Well now is the time for requests because I'm taking them for my next shopping trip. Be as specific as possible (otherwise it'll be left to my own discretion- mwahaha) and here are some suggestions:

Good ideas (ie small light things that are widespread in china)
CDs/DVDs(movies, tv shows- anyone want the complete fifth season of Growing Pains?)
jade trinkets
knockoff handbags/sunglasses/scarves
boho clothing
80's accessories
cutesy home decor esp with spiderman/snoopy/hello kitty
vintage-style tee shirts
small, cheap, crappy electronics
clothes, stationary and accessories with incorrect english
fake tiffanys jewelry or jewelry in general if you show an example i can try to find
mao meorabilia
postcards (though i haven't found any shenzhen postcards yet)
beijing mascot paraphernalia (excluding stuffed animals which are large and expensive)
hello kitty knockoff stuff
maps in chinese

Bad ideas (large, heavy, breakable things or things that are hard to find)
pro-japanese paraphernalia

[User Picture]From: bokamba
2006-05-17 08:42 pm (UTC)
I would very much like a copy of "天下无贼" (starring Andy Lau), preferably with English subtitles and no region codes. If you see a good quality version of My Sassy Girl with English subtitles, I'd like that too. I have a sort of low-res version of it on VCD already.

I would be more than happy to pay you back for these things. Happy shopping, and I hope you enjoy your last bit of time in the PRC!
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